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Workshops for Educators: Three-hour mini-courses, One day workshops

Practical.  Comfortable.  Doable.

We ask teachers to do a lot.  Translating from theory to practice is crucial.

Comments from Wyoming workshop:

“Great job on tailoring the presentation to fit our needs.”

“A must for today’s teachers.”

“Great thoughts and ideas.”

Teaching Speaking

Meeting Speaking & Listening Standards

We have shortchanged the most important language art, speaking. Listen closely and you’ll notice that students need help with informal and formal speaking; with one-to_one, small group, and large group speaking; with in-person and digital speaking. This workshop gives teachers the tools needed to effectively teach oral communication. A framework is introduced to enable teachers to break oral expression into manageable, teachable parts. Participants will come away with an understanding of the elements of successful oral communication. Strategies for teaching those key elements as well as lesson plans and engaging activities will be presented. Effective rubrics will be created. PVLEGS© and Six Trait Speaking© will change how participants think about speaking and will enable teachers to be effective teachers of speaking.Class discussions, formal speeches, informal talks, podcasts, read-alouds, and more will benefit.  Meet the speaking standards and improve student speaking in the classroom and beyond. Read a  letter of recommendation.

Improving Comprehension & Collaboration

Listening Skills for the Digital Age

Does your state have listening and speaking standards? Look closely at them. The “listening” standard is actually “comprehension and collaboration”–much more demanding than the word listening suggests. To comprehend the information presented in diverse media and formats, students need media literacy and internet literacy. Teachers may be unprepared to teach these. How do you teach active listening, collaboration, paraphrasing? What lessons teach understanding the language of images and sound?  What lessons teach argument, rhetoric, and reasoning?  This workshop enables teachers to answer those questions and more.

Designing Instruction

We have moved past chalkboards, past overhead projectors to interactive whiteboards, LCD projectors, and flipped instruction videos.

Learn how to effectively design lessons using new tools, move past bullet-pointed PowerPoint presentations, discover ways to make effective podcasts and videos for and with students, and incorporate 21st century tools in your lessons. Learn how to merge in-class instruction with on-line instruction to get the ability to use the best of both worlds. Avoid common mistakes that diminish your lessons and your presentations through the ideas in this workshop.