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Erik Palmer

Skills That Allow You to Master All Speaking Situations.

The communication skills all of us need


Just like you, I’ve been to many workshops/trainings that had very little in the way of practical, implementable things I needed for success. In order to make positive, behavioral changes we have to show people what they can do tomorrow.


What is the number one skill employers look for in prospective hires?  What is the key to effective management? What is the best way for trainers to make a lasting impact? Strong verbal skills. I focus on the critical skills needed to be successful: one-to-one, small group, large group; formal and informal; in-person or via digital tools.


How important is laughter in staff development, training, or teaching situations? Humor aids learning, so expect to enjoy Erik’s presentations.

Do you know anyone who would benefit from better speaking skill?

Actually, do you know anyone who wouldn't? All of our students deserve the gift of effective oral communication. All of your employees will have more professional and social success with improved speaking skills.

Here are some of Erik's past clients: