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Watch a piece of my talk at ATD's International Conference and Exposition.

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Comments from ATD talk

"It was an amazing experience!" "He is funny, charming, engaging, confident, and knowledgeable. It was a great session."

How You Say It

It doesn’t matter how important your message is if you can’t communicate it well. Many ideas are dead on arrival because they are presented poorly; many brilliant people seem less so because of weak oral communication skills. Learn the six keys to being an engaging, impressive, and effective performer as you speak. Master powerful delivery techniques for one-to-one, small group, or large group situations, for informal or formal situations, for in-person or via digital tool, and in professional or social arenas.

View a video about a piece of performance: Adding life.

Creating a Powerful Talk

  • A presenter reads PowerPoint slides at the audience.
  • A speaker has poorly designed slides.
  • The SME buries the trainees with jargon.

Before opening our mouths, our talks can be doomed by bad design. All of us can improve the messages our professional lives require us to share. Learn how to avoid common mistakes speakers make when creating their talks and how to create more effective presentations. Build more impressive talks for all situations–in front of the staff, at a board meeting, in the training room, at the conference, and more.

View a video about a piece of creating a talk: Audience.

Eleven Keys to Impressive Speaking for Every Situation

All speaking involves two distinct parts: what we do before we open our mouths and what we do as we are speaking. Whether your talk is for trainees, employees, a jury, a hiring committee, a webinar audience, or a child heading off to college, we come up with what we want to say and then we say it. The skills required to create a talk are different than the skills required to deliver a talk, but few of us have been given specific, practical instruction about how to master both sets of skills. Learn the five elements of creating powerful messages and the six elements of delivering those messages powerfully and effectively.

Comments from Baltimore

"“Erik was a fantastic speaker.  I am enriched by it!” “He was absolutely excellent–the best one.” “Outstanding!”